Bumper Scuffs

Fast and effective, we can have your car bodywork restored to new condition within a few hours.


The 8 stage process

Stage 1 Before arrival – Before we arrive we require the paint code of the vehicle which can be typically found down the driver side draw. We will send over a diagram of the location to help you locate it. When we arrive we are able to mix the correct colour at your location.

Stage 2 Preparation – Inspect the vehicle and check the extent of the damage. We will then mask the surrounding areas. Using a palm air sander we will strip back the damaged panel and re-profile the area. Deeper gauges will then require body filler.

Stage 3 Black Guide Coat – Using a guide coat applicator we cover the area looking for any imperfections and then sand down the guide coat to show there are no imperfections and finish with some fine sand paper for an extra smooth finish.

Stage 4 Masking and Covering – We will cover the surrounding areas of the non damaged panels using masking tape brown paper.

Stage 5 Primer – Using a high build primer we cover the prepared area. We will do this 4 times air drying between coats allowing for the smoothest finish. At this point it will need to dry for around 20 minutes. Once its dry we will use a 1500 grade sand paper to smooth off.

Stage 6 Top Coat – Now all the preparation has ben we use the colour matched paint to begin painting the damaged area. We will apply three to four coats until the damaged area fully covered and matches the rest of the vehicle.

Stage 7 Lacquer – Using a 2K Crystal Clear UV lacquer we will cover the freshly painted area so as all the vehicle matches up and using a infrared heat lamp the area will dry and will be constantly checked until fully dried.

Stage 8 Flattening and Polishing – We shall flatten the worked on area with a 2000 grade wet and dry sand paper to remove any imperfections and it will be finished with a 3 stage machine polish.

Prices start from only £99*

*Subject to inspection

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